ALOR SETAR, Dec 21 – The Malaysian Buskers Club will organise the 2015 Malaysian Street Arts Festival 2015 (2015MYSAF) on Friday and Saturday to promote Discover Kedah 2016. Its president Wady Hamdan, who is also 2015MYSAF Programme director, said the festival would be held in front of the Alor Setar Tower and Aman Central and would also record the biggest youth gathering in Kedah.

This was the second organisation of MYSAF after it was held in Kuantan, Pahang last year which attracted 80,000 visitors. He said the festival will start at 10 am until 11 pm while the visitors can enjoy various activities including performances by 120 buskers from all over Malaysia and the sale of local products. He told this to the reporters here on Sunday.

Wady said RM5,000 would also be on offer to the winner of a ‘Selfie Contest’ whereby the participants must take their photographs from the top floor of the Alor Setar Tower, to hot up 2015MYSAF further. He said a ‘Malaysia Powerlifting Challenge’ would also be held during the festival.

In addition, he said an academic-type event would also be held via the Santai Teh Tarik programme. During the festival, the Alor Setar City My Buskers Corner would also be launched with the aim of providing an avenue for buskers to perform, he said. To date, 11 locations in nationwide had been gazetted as My Buskers Corner. Any question on 2015MYSAF could be made via 013-3434509 or 010-5127822 or surfing the social site My Buskers Club.

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