Guan Eng: Opposition Itself Inconsistent On The Bayan Bay Project



GEORGE TOWN, Dec 23 – The State Government today approved only 60 acres of land reclamation area than during the administration of Barisan Nasional (BN) amounted to 3,241 acres of former reclamation project. In fact, there are land reclamation results during BN ago sold for as low as RM1 for each square foot. Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng in its response to question anything that BN is still silent on the price of the land.

“Now, there was the issue of why the States Government ‘hard’ to reveals the agreement of the reclamation by BN. Once again, I reiterate for the reclamation was not matter which approved by the Pakatan State Government are just 60-acre, we would expose to the public because we are not bound by confidentiality clauses,” Lim was speaking at a press conference in his office, Komtar, here on Tuesday.

“But, for the reclamation projects by BN administration, we are bound by the confidentiality clause only if the companies involved agreed to waive the confidentiality clause conditions, then, we would expose to the public,” he said, while adding that the State Government is still awaiting a response concession companies involved.

In the meantime, Lim also commented on the fact that the State claims to ‘hide’ reclamation project of 25 acres in Bayan Bay while approval is obtained in advance. He said the state government just passed the embankment project in Bayan Bay on 20 April 2015 and as they have to make all the documentation process while it had completed on October 7, 2015, signed by the developer, Director of the Department of Town and Country Planning (DTCP), State Secretary and I as Chief Minister. 

“Is it wrong after October 7, 2015, I announced at the beginning of November 2015 when I was tabling on the Budget 2016. What is the wrong? Where there late because it approved in May 2015?” he said while giving details of related projects including the construction of a modern sports complex of international standards for public use. 

Besides that, Lim had also been criticised that the statement which it was issued by the opposition parti that it seen like it is not consistent regarding to the date and the date of the approval by the State Government which made the announcement here at Komtar on Tuesday. 


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