GEORGE TOWN, Jan 1 – A state assemblyman lodged a police report as he feared for his safety after being pursued by debt collectors for failing to settle alleged debts totaling RM200,000. It is learnt that the 35-year-old state assemblyman, who won a State Assembly seat in the Tanjong Parliamentary Constituency during the 13th General Election, had lodged the report on Tuesday after receiving several telephone calls from a man who had allegedly been demanding money since Monday.

Sources said the state assemblyman’s service centre in Jalan Free School was also visited by two men on Tuesday to demand money that was purportedly owed by the assemblyman. Based on preliminary investigation by the police, the 37-year-old businessman, who allegedly provided loans to the State Assemblyman had claimed they knew each other since 2012 and had claimed to have given loans on several occasions.

“The businessman who owns a pawnshop has claimed to have given the elected representative cash loans several times, and the most was RM150,000 last year for a housing project he carried out with a local businessman in the state. All the loan dealings were made at the State Assemblyman’s service centre but there was no documents since the loans were provided based on trust,” claimed the source.

The source said the elected representative, however, denied having taken any loan despite having received several calls from the individual who wanted his money back. The source said the businessman also claimed that only two payments via cheques totaling RM20,000 was made by the elected representative until May last year and after that payment had stopped. Meanwhile, North East District police chief, ACP Mior Faridalathrash Wahid when contacted confirmed receiving a police report from the elected representative.

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