20,000 NS Trainees To Begin Training On March 26



SIBU, Feb 13 – Some 20,000 trainees of the National Service (NS) Training Programme will undergo training under the NS Transformation 2.0 Program beginning March 26. NS Training Council chairman Datuk Noor Ehsanuddin Mohd Harun said the trainees would undergo an eight-week training at 81 NS training camps nationwide.

“This is the first year that the NS Transformation 2.0 programme will be conducted with a single-batch intake. With the single-batch intake, more focus could be given in producing skilled trainees before entering the second phase of the training,” he told reporters after the council meeting at the Junaco Park NS training camp, about 30km from here, on Friday.

Noor Ehsanuddin said the second phase training would provide career exposure to trainees at agencies offering skills training including at the Industrial Training Institute, the National Youth Skills Institute and the Malaysian Automotive Institute. He said that the training period depends on courses taken by the trainees namely between three and 24 months.

He also added that this will churn out a more holistic, with a truly Malaysian identity, competitive and more marketable generation. Meanwhile, NS Training department director-general Datuk Mohmed Asri Yusuf said trainees were selected based on their performance.

He said students who do not excel in their academic studies but have potential in various fields of skill will be selected by their schools to participate in this training programme. He also advised parents not to worry over their children’s safety and health throughout the training as facilities in all NS training camps had improved considerably.

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