HubSpot for Startups: Inbound for Early Stage Companies



SINGAPORE, Feb 25 – HubSpot, a leader in marketing and sales automation technology, today introduced HubSpot for Startups, designed for startups working with accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurial organisations. It helps small businesses gain traction on their marketing and sales at an accelerated pace — with a 90% discount on HubSpot products.

Accelerators, incubators and entrepreneurial organisations can help participants scale and enjoy a number of benefits through HubSpot for Startups, including:

– Help companies get access to exceptional marketing and sales platforms at a low price
– Reduce the stress of sales and marketing efforts with an all-in-one platform
– Ongoing education available to startups to improve chances of success
– Easy to use and adopt

“HubSpot for Startups allows young, growth-driven companies to maximise their marketing and sales efforts right from the start and helps set them on a path to success,” said Itai Boublil, Global Marketing Lead at Impact Hub Network, and former CMO at Impact Hub Singapore.

“At Impact Hub we build ecosystems that inspire, connect and empower people to realise enterprising ideas for sustainable impact, supporting them from early-stage startups to mature ventures in their local market and beyond. The access to the HubSpot software, and the support that comes along with it through the HubSpot for Startups program is a complete game changer in helping to make that happen.”

Many early businesses can fuel their growth entirely through HubSpot with access to Marketing and Sales assets including:

– 90% discount on HubSpot products
– HubSpot’s free CRM
– Access to the HubSpot Reporting and Ads Add-Ons at the same discount as the rest of the marketing software
– Ongoing, 24/7 customer support
– Education throughout company lifecycle
– HubSpot Academy 
– HubSpot blogs 
– Website Grader
– Access to an exclusive group

“HubSpot for Startups has enabled us to test and scale new campaigns rapidly without losing the personal touch that is so valuable to early-stage growth. We’re able to automate, personalise, and gain invaluable insight into our target market, all within a startup budget,” said Dave Longwell, Director of Marketing at Rent Like A Champion.

He said uing HubSpot for Startups has been like hiring a full marketing team who are all willing to take a massive pay cut for their first two years with the company. In 2015, HubSpot saw 150% year-over-year program growths and has more than 250 certified member accelerators and incubators, with accelerators, incubators and startups in 26 countries.

“I’m excited to continue supporting startup communities with our HubSpot for Startups program,” said HubSpot Co-founder and CTO Dharmesh Shah. “HubSpot is dedicated to helping high-growth businesses grow and succeed. We’ve been there, and this program is a way to expand our commitment to entrepreneurs and help excellent new businesses get ahead.” 

As a former startup, HubSpot is positioned to understand many of the unique pain points that young companies face. The company also understands that startups have enough to worry about without losing sleep over how to set up exceptional marketing and sales systems. HubSpot for Startups gives small businesses the chance to receive remarkable guidance on marketing and sales and ensures that they have one less thing to worry about while getting off the ground.

Most importantly, HubSpot for Startups empowers small businesses to focus down their marketing and sales efforts with products that are easy to use (and love). Check out more information on HubSpot for Startups, including how to apply or get an accelerator or incubator involved.

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