MCA Urged State Govt To Take Action Against Owner Who Rented Out LMC Units



GEORGE TOWN, Feb 27 – Almost 50% owners of Centrio Avenue low medium-cost (LMC) high-rise project in Bukit Gambir have rented out their units although it is illegal, according to a resident. K.L Sioh, 48, claimed that this is unfair to the people who still waiting for the low cost or low medium-cost (LMC) units.

She said some of the owners actually earned RM3,500 and below to qualify for the units yet they owned expensive cars or superbikes. Meanwhile, she also added that there were many units were rented out to foreigners such as China Women, Africans, Vietnamese and other.

“The three-room 650 sqft units rented out on daily or monthly basis, with rates of RM150 to RM200 for a day and possibly more than RM1,000 a month. We feel insecure. Their guests were banging the doors loudly in midnight. It was very scary when we are alone outside the corridor with four to five strangers staring at us. This totally no sense of security,” Sioh said during the press conference.

“We moved into  Tower B on last year. While we just realise that there were many units have been illegally rented out by the owners, or the house rented out as a homestay. I had informed the apartment management which said the state government was the authority that could take action,” she said.

“I had repeatedly reflected this issue to the state government by written a few e-mails and made calls to state Housing Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh, his secretary and Penang Chief Minister but nothing had been done by them. My first letter sent out on Dec 17 last year and second letter on Feb 17 to ask why no action was taken but there was no reply at all,” she said.  

“Besides that, I also called them personally and they said they will look into it but until today there was nothing has been done by them. I hope that Penang State Government can look in to this issues and take legal action against the owner who rented out their units illegally. Restore back the the peaceful life for us,” she added.

Penang MCA Youth deputy secretary Ooi Teck Liang, who was present at the press conference urged Penang State Government to give an explanation regarding this issue. He said he also hope that the Penang State Government can do something about the matter soon. He pointed out that they will support the local residential if they take legal action against this.


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