Brussels Attack: Belgium Govt Says Security Level Reduced



KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 – The Belgian government today in a  statement said that the security level in Belgium had been reduced from Level Four to Level Three following the bomb blasts at Brussels Zaventem Airport and Malbeek Metro Station on March 22.

The Malaysian Embassy to Belgium & Luxembourg and Mission of Malaysia to the European Union in Brussels in a statement said public transportation (buses, trams, trains) were being incrementally reinstated including the reopening of train stations and restarting of the metro train operations.

However, Brussels Zaventem Airport remains closed till March 27 until further notice. The embassy also advised Malaysian residents in Belgium and those travelling to the country to comply with the safety directives issued by the Belgian government and to refer to the Belgian Crisis Centre twitter at @CrisiscenterBE for information and advice.

The statement said they are to remain vigilant, take extra precautions, be aware of the surroundings, and follow the advice of the authorities on the level of security as well as on areas advised not to be visited. They are also encouraged to follow the Facebook page of the Embassy of Malaysia to Belgium & Luxembourg in Brussels for updates.

In additional, those concerned about their family members, friends or colleagues in Belgium may contact the embassy at +3227760340 (9am to 5pm, weekdays), +32475788314 (duty officer – 24-hour emergency line) or email to [email protected]

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