Monsoon Transition Brings Rain, Thunderstorms



KUALA LUMPUR, March 25 – Rain and thunderstorms in some areas during the current hot weather is due the transition of the north-east monsoon to southwesterly winds. Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry deputy secretary-general (Science) Assoc Prof Dr Ramzah Dambul said it happens when the intertropical convergence zone, a zone of convergence at the thermal equator where the winds meet, formed clouds and brought rain and thunderstorms.

“The El Nino phenomenon and dry weather are expected to go on until June, but the transition from northeasterly to southwesterly winds happening right now is usually characterised by unstable atmosphere. Located near the equator, Malaysia is also experiencing rain and thunderstorms,” Ramzah said when contacted by Bernama today.

Ramzah said the monsoon transition which involved all areas in the country was expected to last between three and four weeks. Meanwhile, Fire and Rescue Department director-general Datuk Wira Wan Mohd Nor Ibrahim said the department was always ready to face any untoward incidents during the erratic weather pattern.

He said they rely on information from the Meteorological Department and are always ready to help. In some areas, he said there are falling tree incidents caused by thunderstorms and also forest fires due to dry weather like in Selangor. He also advised the public to be more vigilant when driving and avoid stopping their vehicles under trees during heavy rain and thunderstorms.

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