DG: JPJ Will Not Summon Official Vehicles For Speeding If Accompanied By Police Outriders



KEPALA BATAS, March 26 – The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will not summon official government vehicles which exceed the speed limit if they are accompanied by police outriders, said its director-general Datuk Seri Ismail Ahmad. He said this was because the department was confident it would be safe condition as they were accompanied by police who were experienced and well-versed about road safety.

“On the statement by (Deputy Home Minister) Datuk Nur Jazlan (Mohamed), it actually refers to government vehicles, especially for ministers and deputy ministers who are accompanied by the police, so JPJ does not see an issue over this. The procedure of the JPJ is, regardless of who it is, action will be taken if road safety laws are broken, including driving beyond the permitted speeds,” he said.

“But we understand that sometimes the minister and deputy minister needs to move fast to arrive at their destination for official reasons,” he tole to the reporters after launching the “Jom JPJ” event at Dewan Millennium in Penang here Saturday. Also present was Deputy Foreign Minister and Kepala Batas MP Datuk Seri Reezal Merican Naina Merican.

Ismail said the assistance from police outriders indirectly ensures road safety, especially for the other road users. On Thursday, Nur Jazlan was reported as saying official government vehicles driven at more than the speed limits for official purposes will not be issued summonses.

However, he said, if the summonses were issued to the drivers or car owners in their personal capacity, they would have to pay the summonses themselves. In a separate development, Ismail said the JPJ Cadet programme would be extended to all secondary schools in 2020 in the effort to expose students to basic rules and laws on driving. He said at present there were JPJ Cadets in 200 secondary schools and the programme had received good response from students.

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