Petronas Dismisses Social Media Message Alleging Gas Release



KEMAMAN, March 27 РPetroliam Nasional Berhad today dismissed as untrue an allegation circulating on social media that it will release gas and toxic substances due to plant shutdown. Petronas East Coast Region communications and media relations manager Zamri Mohamad said the company called for a stop to the spreading of the message over Facebook and WhatsApp since yesterday.

“It would cause unnecessary anxiety among the people living in Paka and Kerteh where there were Petronas plants. The message that has gone viral is false. We have never issued such a message that also calls on the people to remain indoors because of the (alleged)release of gas.

“We do not release gas as alleged in the message, and I hope that the people doing so will stop spreading the message as it will raise fear and anxiety among residents near Petronas operations. Petronas remained committed and gave priority to the security of its employees and nearby residents in every aspect,” he told the reporters here today.

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