Adenan: Reject DAP And PKR For Opposing Rural Development Agenda



SIMUNJAN, April 3 – Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem today said DAP should feel embarrass to contest for rural seats as the party is against the rural development agenda of his administration. He said DAP had objected to his application for an additional allocation of RM1 billion for rural development programmes in Sarawak.

Likewise for PKR, he said, the party should be ashamed to field its candidates in the newly created state states as it was against the delineation exercise by the Election Commission and took the commission to court, but the court ruled in favour of the commission.

As such, the people in Simunjan and Gedong should not give their votes to DAP and PKR candidates in the state election, he said at a Leader Meet-The-People function at Simunjan town, 120 km from Kuching, Sunday. At the event, Adenan announced that Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Office, Datuk Mohd Naroden Majais would be the Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate for Gedong.

Gedong is among the 11 new state seats to be contested in the 11th state election. The seat was carved out of the Simunjan state seat. Mohd Naroden is the incumbent state assemblyman for Simunjan. Adenan did not name the candidate for Simunjan, but called six of the potential BN candidates for the seat to join him on stage and express their loyalty to BN and to support whoever that would be chosen.

The six potential candidates are Awla Dris, Raili Ali, Ibrahim Seriee, Mohd Yusuf Long, Zainap Talip and Raini Tupong. In another development, Adenan said the state government would reduce the property assessment tax following the abolishment of quit rent on land less than 100 acres last month. In his two years as chief minister, Adenan said he had made 51 decisions which brought relief to Sarawakians and they included abolishing toll, reducing ferry fare to RM1 and lowering the electricity tariff.

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