SEOUL, Apr 6 – Suprema, a global leader in biometrics and security technology, has unveiled its BioStation L2 fingerprint terminal, which offers premium features and performance in a package with essential hardware to provide a comprehensive access control and time attendance solution. 

BioStation L2 is a mid-range device that can support enterprise-level requirements in both access control and time attendance applications, and is enabled with the most powerful processor on the market today. The terminal is accented by both Suprema’s latest innovative technology as well as superior design.

“At Suprema, we are committed to continued innovation, based on the feedback and needs of our customers,” said James Lee, CEO of Suprema. “With the introduction of BioStation L2, we took customer feedback on every device currently offered, and channeled it into consideration for key elements of the device to bring a seamless convergence of performance and price.”

BioStation L2 continues Suprema’s high security standards by incorporating premium technology such as Live Finger Detection and the latest OP5 sensors. Incorporating the latest fingerprint algorithm and world’s most powerful 1.2GHz quad core processor, the L2 uses parallel processing techniques that result in matching speeds which rival higher end models.

Loaded with a massive 2GB flash and 256MB RAM, BioStation L2 stores and manages up to 500,000 users and 1 million logs. The new enhanced algorithm is more accurate than ever, significantly reducing false rejection rates even in conditions that are not ideal for fingerprint capture, and compensating for unsatisfactory fingerprint capture due to direct sunlight conditions or distorted finger images.

BioStation L2 also features new live finger detection technology with improved algorithms and optical techniques that effectively eliminate possible fraud using various materials or fake fingers. BioStation L2 features clear color LCD that provides important information. Along with a dedicated TA function & number touch keys, BioStation L2 ensures maximized usability. BioStation L2 is set to be launched globally on April 6 at ISC West 2016 in Las Vegas.

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