We first heard about webe in November 2015. It is a community site “for people to connect with others to make the things they care about happen. The platform empowers individuals, groups and members of the local community to help bring their ideas and good things to life.” P1 is scheduled to unveil webe as a 4G LTE service on April 2016. 

No much information are available but based on the details that we have. It is believed webe will offer a postpaid plan at RM10/month (RM10.60 with GST). This is a promotional price until 31st July 2016. The monthly plan comes with 20GB data, 1000 voice minutes, 1000 SMS. We can’t confirm yet if these are available at RM10. 

P1 have been aggressively building its 2.6Ghz 4G LTE network (and also 850Mhz – 50211) over the past 6-months. The new network is detected as 502-153. Our source indicated that it has a wide coverage in the Klang Valley. P1 via TM signed a network agreement with Celcom in January 2016. The agreement allows “webe” to ride on Celcom’s 3G network nationwide. Stay tuned, we will bring you more updates.

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