Najib Expresses Condolence Over Tragic Death Of Malaysian Student In Taiwan



MIRI, April 9 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has expressed his condelences to the family of Malaysian student, Law Jia Yi, who reportedly committed suicide in Taiwan recently. The Prime Minister’s Special Envoy to East Asia (South Korea, Japan and Taiwan), Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing who is in Taiwan since yesterday said he had informed the Prime Minister of the news of the death of Law and was instructed to assist the family of the student.

Tiong said the government would provide necessary assistance to the family of the victim and make necessary arrangements to bring her ashes back home as soon as possible. He in a statement, here Saturday said they are trying to seek immediate assistance from the local authorities there and the Malaysia Friendship and Trade Centre (MFTC). Tiong has presented financial contribution of RM6,000 from the Prime Minister as well as his own contribution of RM6,000 to the family.

The victim’s family decided to cremate her body and arrange for delivery of her cremated remains back to Malaysia the soonest on next Monday. It was reported by the Taiwan newspapers that the 24-year-old student of the National Taiwan Normal University was found dead in her room by a housemate on Wednesday evening. Meanwhile on the same issue, Tiong has advised Malaysian students in Taiwan to seek aid immediately if they encountered financial and emotional problem rather than keeping it to themselves.

“Beside your friends and family, there are also authorities and organizations that you can seek help from, including the MFTC Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, and Malaysian Students’ Association in Taiwan. There were cases of Malaysian students missing in Taiwan due to unknown reasons in February and March this year but fortunately they had been found safe,” he said.

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