Government To Hold More Job Carnivals To Help Youths



MARAN, April 10 – The Human Resource Ministry will hold more job carnivals throughout the country this year in the effort to provide more opportunities to the youth and job-seekers. Its deputy minister Datuk Seri Ismail Abd Muttalib said last year alone, 230,000 people found jobs through the carnivals organised by the ministry.

“Through carnivals like this, we are confident we can gradually reduce the unemployment rate in the country by providing jobs from the government and private sectors. The government was always looking for ways to provide jobs to the people especially school-leavers and graduates, including setting up the website as a database for job-seekers,” he told reporters here today.

“At present, the unemployment rate in the country is still small and not worrying. The government needs about five million workers by 2020, with 35 per cent skilled workers who can contribute to the nation’s growth. At present, there were only 28 per cent skilled workers in the country, and this number would increase through training and vocational programmes provided by government and private sector agencies,” he said.

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