P. Ramasamy Regrets Calling Controversial Muslim Preacher Dr Zakir Naik “Satan”



SEBERANG PERAI, Apr 12 – Penang Deputy Chief Minister II, Prof P. Ramasamy today said he regretted calling controversial preacher Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik “Satan”. Ramasamy said his statement which was uploaded on his Facebook page yesterday had angered many of Muslims in the country. 

He said he was later removed the post in which he had called Dr Naik “Satan” and claimed that the preacher from India has made hate speeches against non-Muslim faiths, after he realised the word was “inappropriate”.  His statement came eight hours after an explosive item, a molotov cocktail, was flung at the service centre here, early this morning. 

The explosion also caused a small fire at the five-foot way and grille door of the service centre located in a two-storey building. However, no one was hurt in the incident. Ramasamy stressed that he did not mean to hurt the feelings of Muslims in the country. He said his statement was not against Islam or Muslims in this country. He said it was just against this particular person, Dr Zakir Naik.

Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar who yesterday tweeted that Islamic scholar Dr Zakir Abdul Karim Naik’s programme in Melaka cannot go on, later said it can continue his lecture series in Malaysia, as long as it did not threaten the peace and harmony of this country. He said the police would monitor the title of the controversial preacher’s lectures as long as it did not trigger any religious sensitivities and racial tensions.

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