Ringgit Opens Higher Against US Dollar



KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 – The ringgit opened higher against the US dollar this morning on continued positive external conditions that improved the demand for the note, dealers said. The ringgit was at 3.8540/8600 against the greenback from Tuesday’s 3.8770/8850.

A dealer said the increase in crude oil prices to above US$44 per barrel also assisted the ringgit, which traded higher against a basket of other currencies. The local note rose against the British pound to 5.4985/5086 from 5.5170/5263 and appreciated against the euro to 4.3847/3923 from 5.5410/5540. It also advanced against the Singapore dollar to 2.8652/8703 from 2.8819/8889 yesterday and improved against the Japanese yen to 3.5439/5498 from 3.5799/5889.

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