Thousands Of Fish Dead In Sungai Changkat, Nibong Tebal



NIBONG TEBAL, April 15 – Thousands of fish were found dead in Sungai Changkat, right up to the Pulau Burung water gate here since Tuesday. Changkat Fisherman Association unit chief Abdul Rahman Ibrahim said several freshwater fish species such as ‘lampam’, ‘puyu’ and ‘sepat’ were found dead in the river. Initially, he said only several fish were found dead. But the number increased yesterday and filled Sungai Changkat until the Pulau Burung water gate.

He told this to reporters here yesterday. Association adviser Abdul Rahim Kassa, 87, claimed the river water was dirty and stank since last week and he did not go out to catch fish. Meanwhile, he also said that the body also itches when in contact with the river water. He said a similar incident took place in 1998 when about three tonnes of dead fish choked the river due to water contamination from a garbage disposal site nearby.

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