Kedah MB: Water At Beris Dam At Critical Level



ALOR SETAR, April 17 – The water in Beris Dam, Kedah, is now at the critical level and can only last for 30 days, while at the Muda Dam, Muda dam has reached the alert level and can last for 50 days. Kedah Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah said the water level at two other dams, namely Pedu and Ahning, was still high, at 68.9 per cent and 75.4 per cent, respectively, and considered safe.

As such, he said, the state government had no plan to carry out water rationing at the moment as there was still enough water supply for domestic consumption as well as for agriculture purposes. He said there is no need yet for water rationing in Kedah, but they advise the public not to waste water, as they are afraid that in the long run, we may face the same (water) problem like in other states.

He told a press conference after presenting aid to 150 recipients from Kampung Tok Batin here Sunday. On the situation in Langkawi, which is getting 50 per cent of its water supply from Perlis, Ahmad Bashah said Perlis had yet to ration its water supply to Langkawi.

However, Ahmad Bashah said he had asked hotels in Langkawi to control and minimise their water usage. In the meantime, he also added that for rural areas with low water pressure, they have asked Syarikat Air Darul Aman to distribute water supply to the affected residents.

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