IPOH, April 19 – The rapid development of online business has been seen as among the factors that influence the influx of numerous banned publications into this country, which can threaten national security and public order. Home Ministry’s Publication and Quranic Text Control Division secretary Hashimah Nik Jaafar said online business had enabled anyone to book and purchase a product from any seller, locally or abroad.

“Online business makes it difficult for us to intercept any product ordered or purchased by the buyer because it is sent directly to the address of the recipient. Sometimes, the delivery service provider will not even ask about the content of the package, and the seller did not even declare what is being sent,” she told reporters after attending the division’s townhall session with the stakeholders here Tuesday.

Hashimah said the division had, in one of its operations, seized a jacket found to have Quranic verses and indecipherable code words written on the inside. She said they had to seek help to interpret the meaning of the verses and the words because it was not normal writing. She added that other items seized during the operation were magazines and books.

In another development, Hashimah said the amendment to the Printing of Quranic Texts Act 1986 might be tabled in Parliament in October. She said the amendment among others would widen the definition of Quranic materials in an effort to protect the nobility of Quran.

If passed, she said the amended Act would stipulate that only Muslim printing companies were allowed to print ‘Surah Yassin’ booklets as the existing Act did not prevent non-Muslim companies from printing it. She said that the printing of Quranic verses on wedding invitation cards would also be banned under the amended Act.

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