KUCHING, April 22 – Sarawak PKR has long been under the state DAP’s thumb, claimed Boniface Willy Tumek who has resigned as PKR vice chairman after failing to be selected as the opposition’s candidate for Tasik Biru. According to him, PKR was always the underdog during meetings between both parties, particularly in deciding the candidates and constituencies at every election.

He told there had been meetings between the state PKR and DAP but each time the former was just powerless when it comes to choosing the seats and agree with whatever had been decided by the latter. Yesterday, Tumek, 59, in a statement submitted his resignation letter after PKR failed to get an assurance that he would be fielded as the candidate for the Tasik Biru constituency, which is located in Bau near here, besides agreeing that DAP should contest the seat.

He claimed the PKR leadership was too submissive to DAP in the issue of seat distribution. Tumek believed PKR would continue to allow itself to be led by the nose by DAP. When asked whether he would contest as an independent in the Tasik Biru constituency, he replied that he did not plan to do so. Sarawak PKR chairman Baru Bian today announced that PKR would field candidates in 35 constituencies and hoped to add another five.

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