PEKAN, April 29 – Spring water from the hills near the Chini Felda Training Centre here is not safe for cooking or drinking, said the state Health director Datuk Dr Zainal Ariffin Omar. He said tests carried out by the health department last Wednesday found it positive for coliform bacteria and e-coli.

He advised the residents in the Felda Chini who collected water from there after the water supply was disrupted due to the current drought season to only use it for domestic purposes such as washing and bathing. He said the district health office obtained samples in two locations – the water collected from the hills and the spillover from the hill drains. He said the tests for both samples were positive.

Dr Zainal Ariffin said the health team had also met with the heads of the blocks in the Felda area to explain the situation. He said that the department has also posted warning notices that the source of water could be contaminated with bacteria, virus or parasites which prevent the water from being used for cooking, eating or drinking to prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

Dr Zainal Ariffin added that residents who faced problems or wanted further information could contact the district health office at telephone number 09-4221044. Meanwhile, a Bernama survey in the area found many residents bringing containers to collect water after the disruption of water supply since last month.

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