Salleh Said: DAP’s Acknowledgement That BN Will Form Govt, A Motivation To Vote For BN



KANOWIT, April 29 – The confidence expressed by DAP parliamentary leader Lim Kit Siang that Barisan Nasional will again form the state government after the March 7 election should serve as a motivation for Sarawakians to vote in favour of BN candidates. Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Seri Dr Salleh Said Keruak said they (voters) should not waste their votes on opposition or independent candidates.

“This endorsement by Kit Siang indicates that the DAP acknowledges the solid support from the people to BN. So why waste your votes on a political party or even a loose group that cannot form the next government? As a matter of fact, DAP and their ally, PKR were even fighting each other in at least six seats as they could not agree on seat allocation,” he said at a meet-the-people session in the Fung Chin Kung temple in Pedai near here yesterday.

“Meanwhile, they are fighting for their own parties’ interests and as such they will not be in a position to form a strong or stable government even if they won. On the other hand, the BN was a coalition which could and would solve the problems faced by the people. So vote for the BN candidate in your area if you want a strong voice in both the state and Federal government,” he said.

Meanwhile, commenting on the DAP election slogan for change, he said Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem had already instituted 53 transformation policies for the benefit of the people. He said there is no need for DAP to urge Sarawakians to change the government as it is already in good hands. The BN candidate for Ngemah Alexander Vincent was also present at the function.

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