BARAM, April 30 – The promise of inclusive development by the government is not mere lip service or political rhetoric but holds a clear development plan, said Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. Addressing about 3,000 people of the Kayan community in Long Laput here, the Prime Minister said there must be capability to implement the plan as well.

“And, we must have political will. When we have political will and can manage the national economy well, our country’s finances will be healthy and strong and we can spend on rural development. If we do not have the financial resources and we are incapable of managing the national economy, how can I provide a large allocation for rural development?” he said.

Najib had arrived at Long Laput to visit the Kayan community at the Eda Beran Longhouse. Also present during Najib’s visit were Kayan community Temenggong for the district of Baram, Elizabeth Ding and BN candidate for Telang Usan, Dennis Ngau. Najib said for Sarawak alone, the Federal government had approved an additional allocation of RM1 billion for rural development and RM50 million for Long House Loan Scheme.

The Prime Minister added that the inclusive development was a principle that he had maintained since becoming the ‘Apai Besar of Malaysia’ or ‘Amai Ayak’ as known to the Kayan community here. He said it has been him wish to develop the country collectively through the inclusive approach to ensure no community, no matter how small, including the Kayan community is not left behind, but enjoy the progress and development carried out by BN.

“Because I believe, you deserve a better future, and I’m here to help you achieve a better future, but please help me by giving your support through Dennis Ngau, because through them I can serve you better as ‘Amai Ayak’. Speaking of the political development, BN approach to listen to the pulse of the people and accept their request has helped change the people’s mood of support in Telang Usan,” he said.

“In other words we must listen to the people, so when Tok Nan (Sarawak Chief Minister) announced that the Baram dam project will be carried out, it changed the mood of the people to a positive outlook. I believe the initiative to listen to the people, the people will give their support to the government,” he said.

Meanwhile, he also urged the voters of Telang Usan to make a long term evaluation before voting for change to ensure transformation programmes are carried out in their constituency. He said to bring about changes in a place like Middle Baram, they need continuity, the policies need continuity, the commitment need to be long term commitments.

He said that is why only the BN has a proven track record to develop rural areas, the opposition are not able to fulfill the aspirations of the people here. During his visit, the Prime Minister spontaneously approved Elizabeth’s request for allocation to level a site identified to build a 150-door long house in Long Laput and multi-purpose hall in Long Laput. Najib also launched the long house loan scheme with no deposit for 150 long houses in Long Laput and 128 units in Long Loyang.

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