Najib: Voters Must Not Sell Their Rights For Money



SRI AMAN, May 3 – Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today urged voters in Simanggang to not ‘sell’ their rights for money but retain their votes as a priced possession that can be used to decide their future. Najib said votes are the rights of the people to determine their future by choosing the right candidate to ensure development in their area and not be duped by those who are out to ‘buy’ their way to fame.

“They (voters) must think of long term development in their areas and not look for short term gains by selling their votes to those willing to offer money,” he said in his speech at the Jegai Anak Jawa Long House in Kampung Purai, an Iban village in Undop, about 40km from here.

Earlier, Barisan Nasional candidate for Simanggang, Datuk Francis Harden Hollis who is also the incumbent, had claimed that he received information that voters were being paid to not vote for BN in the May 7 polls. Francis Harden claimed that RM100 was offered to voters before going to the polls and promised another RM200 if the BN candidate lost the seat.

Najib however, was confident that the Iban community in Simanggang would wisely turn down such offers and not be fooled by attempts to buy them out. He said that the Iban people are warriors with high dignity and patriotism. He said the Iban people will not certainly ‘pawn’ their future away. The Prime Minister said the BN was not only battling to ensure the wellbeing of the current generation but has the welfare of the future generation at heart when carrying out the development agendas. 

Najib who announced an allocation of RM200,000 to carry out several projects for the people of the Jegai Long House was accompanied by Deputy Home Minister Masir Kujat who is also the Member of Parliament for Sri Aman. Francis Harden is facing a three-cornered fight which features DAP and independent candidates.

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