Sepang Police Chief: Don’t Utter ‘Bomb’ At KLIA, Klia2



SEPANG, May 4 – Sepang police have reminded the public not to utter the word, ‘bomb’, even in jest when at the KL International Airport (KLIA) and KL International Airport 2 (klia2) as it constituted a serious offence. Its police chief, ACP Abdul Aziz Ali said uttering ‘bomb’ arbitrarily, at the two places would cause an individual to be detained and taken to the Sepang police headquarters (IPD), resulting in one missing the flight.

“They will incur losses when they miss their flight and need to buy new (flight) tickets. The latest case was reported at klia2, two days ago. Uttering the word, ‘bomb’ was categorised as a threat and it was a serious offence even if it was meant as a joke or showing dissatisfaction, under Code 92 of the Airport Emergency Plan,” he told reporters at the Sepang IPD here today.

Abdul Aziz said those detained for uttering ‘bomb’ at airports could be charged under Section 506 of the penal Code for inciting fear, adding that upon conviction, an individual could be jailed a maximum seven years or fined or both. He said the significant increase in cases involving the word, ‘bomb’ in KLIA and klia2 this year was a worrying trend.

He said last year, there were seven cases of individuals using the word, ‘bomb’, in KLIA (four) and klia2 (three) while this year, there were eight cases from Jan 1 to May 3 in KLIA (two) and klia2 (six). Abdul Aziz said all 15 individuals had been charged at the Sepang Magistrate’s Court.

He also added that of the 15 detained, two were foreigners while most of the people were detained by Malaysia Airport Holdings Berhad Auxiliary policemen while at the baggage inspection areas. One of the foreigners was nabbed in an aircraft prior to departure.

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