Salleh: Voting For Opposition Will Deprive Development Prospects For People Of Sarawak



KUCHING, May 5 – Minister of Communications and Multimedia Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Salleh Said Keruak said voting for the opposition would not benefit the people of Sarawak because the opposition cannot form the government. Salleh said the opposition are aware of the reality and that was one of the reasons why they (opposition) were going around making all kinds of promises, knowing pretty well that such promises cannot be fulfilled.

“If voters choose the opposition, it is the people in the area who are going to lose out because the assemblyman will only receive his or her monthly remuneration without carrying out any development,” he said after meeting the people of Batu Kitang at the Batu Kitang Community Hall here yesterday.

Salleh said the people of Sarawak must be wise when picking their candidate of choice and avoid opposition candidates who are battling against each other in several seats, compared to BN which has a proven track record in the allocation of seats. BN candidate for Batu Kitang, Lo Khere Chiang accompanied Salleh to meet the people.

Batu Kitang is among 11 new seats created after a redelineation exercise and carved out of Kota Sentosa, held by DAP, and has 17,494 registered voters of which 60 percent are Chinese and the rest Bumiputera. Batu Kitang will see a five-cornered fight involving BN’s Lo Khere Chiang, Abdul Aziz Isa Marindo (DAP), Voon Shiak Ni (PKR), and two independent candidates, Sulaiman Kadir and Othman Bojeng.

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