BN Makes A Clean Sweep Of All 11 New Seats



KUCHING, May 8 – Barisan Nasional made a clean sweep of the 11 new seats in the 11th state election, with four of the seats – Gedong, Kabong, Tellian and Stakan – going to PBB. In three straight fights, Mohammad Ali Mahmud won by an impressive majority of 7,042 votes against Leslie Ting Xiang Zhi of DAP in Stakan.

Besides that, in Tellian, Yussibnosh Balo won by an equally big majority of 4,421 votes against [email protected] Yahya of PKR while in Kabong, Mohd Chee Kadir obtained a 3,585- vote majority against Jini Sahini of Amanah. In Gedong, Datuk Mohd Naroden Majais won by a majority of 3,365 votes against two independent candidates, Rapelson Richard Hamit and Uja Bansi.

In the meanwhile, of three of the BN direct candidates, Miro Simun became the first assemblyman in the predominantly Bidayuh seat of Serembu while in Bukit Semuja, another Bidayuh seat, John Ilus won with a 3,144 majority vote in a four-cornered tussle. 

In Mulu, Datuk Gerawat Gala wrested the Kelabit majority seat from Pauls Baya (PKR) and two independents, Paul Anyie Raja and Dr Roland Dom Mattu. SUPP took the urban seat of Batu Kitang which will be represented by Lo Khere Chiang, who won with a majority of 1,840 votes against Abdul Aziz Isa Marindo (DAP), Voon Shiak Ni (PKR) and independent Othman Bojeng. 

PRS grabbed the two rural seats of Samalaju and Murum which will be represented by Majang Renggi and Chukpai Ugon respectively. In Bukit Goram, SPDP’s Jefferson Jamit Unyat won with a 2,586-vote majority against Larry Asap of DAP. The creation of the 11 new seats saw the number of state assembly seats being increased to 82 from 71 previously.

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