BN’s Share Of Popular Vote Increased To 63.72 Per Cent



KUCHING, May 8 – Barisan Nasional (BN) garnered 63.72 per cent of the popular vote in the 11th Sarawak State Election. This is an increase of 8.32 per cent from the last state election, as the coalition only managed to get 55.4 per cent then. In the 2006 state election, BN received 61.8 per cent of the popular vote. In this election, PBB recorded 30.49 per cent of the popular vote, SUPP 13.38 per cent, PRS (6.85), SPDP (3.12) and direct candidate (9.88). 

Meanwhile, for the opposition, DAP garnered the highest popular vote of 18.21 per cent, folowed by PKR (9.29 per cent), PAS (1.70 per cent), Independents (5.32), Star (0.37), Amanah (1.24) and PBDSB (0.16). Yesterday, 777,018 voters exercised their right to vote in the election. In the last election, Pakatan Rakyat consisting of DAP-PKR-SNAP-PAS garnered 41.23 per cent, while Independents (2.98 percent) and Parti Cinta Malaysia (0.43).

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