DAP And PKR Suffer Heavy Defeats Due To Lack Of Consensus In Allocation Of Seats



KUCHING, May 8 – Lack of understanding and disunity between DAP and PKR in reaching a consensus in the allocation of seats for the 11th Sarawak election not only saw a number of seats lost but also resulted in candidates from both parties losing their deposit.

The two parties battled it out for the Simanggang seat which was one of the six overlapping seats contested by DAP’s Leon Jimat Donald and PKR’s Norina Umoi Utot. In the race for the seat which saw a four-cornered fight, both candidates lost their deposit after mustering 695 and 580 votes respectively against incumbent Datuk Francis Harden Hollis from BN who won by a 1,388 vote majority.

Five other overlapping seats contested by DAP and PKR were Batu Kitang, Mulu, Murum, Mambong and Ngemah. Disunity in the DAP and PKR camps also saw DAP losing five seats held before – Batu Kawah, Repok, Meradong, Dudong and Piasau – thus reducing their foothold in Sarawak from 12 to seven.

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