GLOBIS Joins “YPO Innovation Week,” Focusing on Spurring Japan’s Corporate Innovation Culture



IRVING, May 9 – YPO, the premier global network of chief executives and business leaders, is partnering with GLOBIS University, the largest management school in Japan, for an interactive session exploring ways business leaders can build a culture that values innovation.

The session is part of YPO Innovation Week, a series of more than 30 events taking place around the world – from Silicon Valley, Toronto and London, to Bangalore, New York and Sydney – focusing on different aspects of innovation. The events provide a platform for global collaboration, invigorating idea exchange, valuable education and immersive activities, involving innovative global thought leaders as well as some of the world’s most advanced technology companies.

“With 24,000 members in more than 130 countries, the YPO community represents business leaders who are not only creating innovative products and strategies, but more importantly, they are committed to educating and inspiring the next generation of great innovators,” said Kevin Fallon, chairman of Innovation Week and the CEO of Pivotal Innovation.

“In today’s competitive and fast-changing business world, a corporate culture that promotes innovation is also the key to adapting to new realities. Business leaders have the power, and responsibility, to create an environment that allows the fresh ideas,” he said

Managing Partner of GLOBIS Capital Partners and President of GLOBIS University Yoshito Hori, a YPO member, will share his personal experience starting with his studies at Harvard Business School through the establishment of a startup venture that became a world-class educational institution.

“From the beginning, the GLOBIS vision has been to nurture and inspire innovation throughout society by effectively managing ecosystems of people, capital and knowledge. Japan is a country known for its innovations. In these times of business uncertainly, GLOBIS aspires to nurture this heritage and, like YPO, provide business leaders with tools, skills as well as collaboration opportunities to create and innovate,” said Hori.

By providing insight into his own career, Hori will share his aspiration to bring change to the Japanese society and his continued commitment to spreading global innovation tools and skills in Japan. To mark the final day of the week, YPO champions will gather at the birthplace of 20th century innovation, the Thomas Edison National Historic Park, in New Jersey, U.S., before going to the Nasdaq Stock Market to ring the ceremonial closing bell with Nasdaq executives.

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