Ahmad Maslan: UMNO Hopes Gen Y Will Understand Party’s Struggles



KUALA LUMPUR, May 11 – UMNO Supreme Council member Datuk Ahmad Maslan hopes the younger generation will understand and appreciate the struggles of the party, which is now entering its 70th year. Ahmad expressed disappointment over the attitude of some youngsters who failed to understand the true struggles of the party, which was fighting for all the people, regardless of race and religion.

“They think they can live in peace and continue to prosper without associating (their lives) with UMNO’s struggle. It is a wrong view. UMNO is not just for the Malays. I deny such opinion because UMNO is also fighting for the benefit of other races in Malaysia,” he said at a press conference after the UMNO 70th year Nostalgic gathering, here today.

Ahmad Maslan, who is also UMNO Information Technology Bureau chairman also asserted that UMNO was a party of unity and had never promoted disunity.  According to him, the good cooperation between UMNO and other Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties proved the capabilities and calibre of the UMNO leadership in leading the country’s administration. He said the prosperity and peace in the country did not happen on its own. He said the UMNO and BN leadership hold meetings every week in order to administer the country well.

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