Lim Urged MCA Ask UMNO To Apologize On Taoist Shrine Removal Issue



GEORGE TOWN, May 17 – Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng hope MCA ask Penang Opposition Leader YB Dato’ Hajah Jahara Binti Hamid to retract and apologize for the statement, demand the Taoist Shrine be removed from the Armenian Street Park, which she made in the state legislative assembly here last week. 

“I regret that UMNO had raised this issue and yet, criticised by MCA. MCA criticised me that I did not defend the shrine. If I really did not defend, it would have been demolished. MCA should demand UMNO to withdraw the call by Jahara and ask her to apologise to the local community,” Lim said.

“The local community is hurt that Jahara has made an issue out of a 70 years old Taoist Shrine and asked for it to be removed. This is irresponsible and plays on the people’s sentiments. In Penang, we guarantee the freedom of religion,” Lim added in a press conference here Monday.

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