Teoh Keat Keong Families Sending Final Appeal To High Court



GEORGE TOWN, May 25 – A former renovation worker, Teoh Keat Keong, 30, was sent to the gallows by the High Court here for trafficking in more than 34kg of methamphetamine five years ago. His families said they will be sending final appeal the high court before the police escorted him out after the announcement on his death penalty.

His family spokesperson urged Malaysia should look into the death penalty seriously which this should not be the way forward. Teoh was excelling in sports and he was offered full scholarship to represent Malaysia in the throwing games and he had his place in Bukit Jalil Sports School.

His mom told him, he could not go… His family needed him to help around in their fruit stall (along Gurney Drive,Penang). He needs to drop out from school (not completing high school). Not long after, his father pass away, leaving heavier burden to the family with debts.

Therefore, he needed to work triple the times to bring income to the family. The rising cost in Malaysia and economy state strangled him further. Feeling depressed, the only way he could release stress was to hang out with his friends at computer cafes or clubs.

One day, a man approached him. The man told him, if he could work for him, all his worries will be sorted out. The man will offer him a job and a privilege to sort out his family debts and provide his mother a better life. The man offered him a job in the renovation industry and he had also took it.

Months later as he was in Penang shopping mall, suddenly he was ambushed by police and was beaten up. The police later took him to the house that he was renovating and 34.6kg of methamphetamine were found in that house at a house in Lorong Bukit Juru 4 in Bukit Mertajam at about 11am on Nov 11, 2011.

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