1,178 Accidents Due To Stray Objects Along PLUS Highway In 2015



PETALING JAYA, May 28 – A total of 1,178 accidents were reported due to stray objects found along the North-South Highway (PLUS) in 2015. PLUS Malaysia Berhad chief operating officer Mohammad Fuad Khusairi said about 2,200 objects such as tyre debris, wood and steel had been detected on the highway last year alone.

“Also found were animal carcasses, vehicle parts, mattresses, furnitures and others. PLUS had been taking the matter seriously because of the danger it posed to the users,” he told reporters after a media briefing on objects and obstacles on PLUS highway Friday night.

“About 150 PLUSRonda personnel had been assigned to monitor and patrol along the highway. They were assigned to pick up and move objects that posed a hazard to highway users. Most accidents happened when motorists hit on the stray objects as soon as these items dropped from heavy vehicles, or when they hit tyre debris of heavy vehicles,” he said.

“Heavy vehicle drivers must ensure that their vehicles were in a good condition before embarking on their journey. Scheduled maintenance must be carried out. They also have to ensure that the loads are stable and not easily fall out. The public should contact PLUS immediately so that the stray objects could be removed,” he added.

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