MBPP To Relocate 16 Tress Along Greenlane For Road Widening Project



GEORGE TOWN, May 28 – Penang’s city council to relocate the 16 trees along Jalan Masjid Negeri to make way for road widening project. The 16 trees will be planted around two tennis courts at the grounds of a government quarters about 50 metres away.

Penang Island City Council (MBPP) traffic engineer Zainuddin Mohamad Shariff said the new site for the trees was found to be compatible, giving the trees an 80 percent chance of survival. He said the relocation will begin on 10 June and expected to be completed by end of June.

“The transplanting of 25- to 45-year-old trees will be supervised by experts from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia and consultant arborists hired by the council. It will take one night for each tree to be removed. We will not doing rush job, we will take our time to carefully replant the tree,” Zainuddin said.

Meanwhile, council landscape architect Azizul Fahmi Muhamad said the new location was chosen so that there would be less stress to the replanted trees. Meanwhile, he  also added that most of the trees involved in the relocation are Angsana and yellow flame trees.


According to the council, the RM7.85 million road widening project, under package 5B, will be completed by May 2017. The project will see the widening of the Batu Lanchang Lane-Greenlane junction (Scotland Rd bound) to the KFC outlet near the Jalan Ayer Itam exit. An extra lane would be created on the existing two-lane road after the widening.


Sidang Akhbar Mengenai Pemindahan Pokok Bagi Menaiktaraf Jalan Di Jalan Masjid Negeri (27 May 2016)

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