Dirty Food Premise At Burmah Road Ordered To Close



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 1 – A Nasi Kandar food premise at Burmah Road were ordered to close for failing to meet hygiene criteria. The notice of the closure was issue by the Penang State Health Department (JKNPP) due to the operating in dirty conditions. Penang Island City Council Licensing and Public Health Standing Committee alternate chairman, Ong Ah Teong said the premises were among three food premises inspected the cleanliness level in the operation of integrated inspection this morning. 

“The premise was ordered to closed under Section 11 of the Food Act 1983 for 14 days for failing to meet hygiene criteria. Employers are required to clean the house before being allowed to operate and do business again,” he said, adding the JKNPP will check again to ensure that the premises are completely clean and pass regulations established prior permission given back in business.

Also present were MBPP Councillors, Ahmad Azrizal Tahir dan Saiful Azwan Abd. Malik. Operation also involves 8 enforcement personnel from Unit Industrial & Food Establishment MBPP and 6 JKNPP Officer. In the meanwhile, there were also eight compound notices were issued to two separate food premises that do not comply with regulations.

“Their fault is not getting accination or injection of typhoid, did not setting up a traps and throw food waste directly into the drain, without a license and operating in dirty conditions. JKNPP had issued a notice to the coffee shop operator under the Food Premises Regulation, section 11 (1) C of the offence that they did not carry out injection and provides reports of injections. A fine of RM1,000 imposed,” he explained while also urged all the operators to focus on cleanliness to ensure that all food premises in the country meets the required standards.


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