Toyota: Aid for Earthquake Relief in Kyushu, Japan



TOYOTA CITY, Jun 2 – Toyota extends its heartfelt sympathy to everyone affected by the severe earthquakes that struck the area around Kumamoto on the island of Kyushu on April 14 and after. Toyota is providing the following support for local relief efforts, and we will continue to do everything we can to provide assistance to the stricken areas. We are praying for a swift recovery of the affected regions and everyone affected by these devastating earthquakes.

1. Emergency monetary donation

Immediately in the wake of the earthquakes, Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) and its local subsidiary, Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc., made a joint donation of 10 million yen through the Japan Platform NGO, and the Central Community Chest of Japan as emergency relief funds for the affected areas.

2. Donations from employees and provision of matching donations by Toyota(1)

In addition to the emergency donation made immediately after the earthquake, both companies announced that they would provide funds to match the donations made by their employees in support of the relief efforts. The following funds were raised, and will be donated through the Japan Red Cross Society and others.

– TMC:68,265,980 yen (34,132,990 yen donated by employees matched by 34,132,990 yen from TMC)
– Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc.:8,939,812 yen (4,469,906 yen donated by employees matched by 4,469,906 yen from Toyota Kyushu)

3. Provision of vehicles

Together with our dealers at Kumamoto and Toyota Rent-A-Lease, we have provided 65 vehicles (17 rental cars and 48 company cars and test vehicles) to help carry local government representatives around the affected region, and to transport goods and personnel to aid in the recovery activities.

4. Other assistance

The following assistance was provided by the Toyota Group (TMC and group companies), as well as its dealers and distributors between April 16 and 23.

Dispatch of relief supplies: Total of 18 trucks (13 15-ton trucks and 5 4-ton trucks).

Details of main assistance: Food (rice, canned goods, bananas, oranges, sandwiches, etc.), beverages, wet tissues, sanitary goods, disposable diapers, groundsheets, alcohol wipes (for antibacterial/disinfectant purposes), mats, water supply tanks, portable lavatories, helmets, etc.

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