Penang Thalassaemia Society Organising Thalassaemia Awareness Day On Jun 19



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 12 – The Penang Thalassaemia Society is organising a Thalassaemia Awareness Day this 19 June 2016 from morning 8am to afternoon 1pm at The Whiteaways Arcade in collaboration with Occupy Beach Street. The event will be officially launched by YB Ng Wei Aik, Member of Parliament (MP) of Malaysia (Tanjong Constituency).

Tanjong MP, Ng Wei Aik held a press conference at Twelve Cups on June 12 regarding the event. Besides that, also present during the press conference were President of the Penang Thalassaemia Society, Janice Kua, representatives of Occupy Beach Street and Zin Mary.

Thalassaemia is a hereditary blood condition where the affected requires regular monthly blood transfusions as well as daily oral or intravenous medication. The Penang Thalassaemia Society was formed by parents and well-wishers of Thalassaemics with the aim of helping affected families to keep in touch, to raise funds, to support and improve treatments and research, and to encourage public awareness. The society has approximately 364 members of which 276 are patients.

Thalassaemia may not be a well-known condition by many, though there are many who are affected and lead normal lives. Thalassaemics undergo regular monthly blood transfusions and daily oral medications or injections just like any other chronic conditions. The Penang Thalassaemia Society encourages all affected members to be active individuals and to live a normal life.

Penang Thalassaemia Society hope that the public will try to understand Thalassaemia further, and accept Thalassaemics as normal individuals who can contribute as much as any other, if not, even more. The objective of this awareness event is to educate and familiarise the public on what Thalassaemia is about, and to highlight the possibilities of prevention. Thalassaemics are not sickly or less-abled if they are treated and maintained well.

Ng said he would like to commend the Thalassaemia Society for organising such a meaningful event to raise awareness. He said he hope that the public can see that Thalassaemic patients are just like everyone else and shouldn’t not be sidelined in any aspect. There will be various activities on that day such as Zumba, heritage walk, blood donation drive, free blood screening, exhibition and a talk on Thalassaemia.

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