ECO VISION 2025: DENSO Announces Its Updated Environmental Policy



JAPAN, Jun 16 – DENSO Corporation has formulated ECO VISION 2025, its 10-year environmental policy and action plan to help resolve environmental and energy issues and conduct business in harmony with nature. DENSO’s ECO VISION policy, which was first launched in 1997, has been in place for nearly 20 years.

In fiscal 2015, DENSO achieved its fiscal 2016 targets for CO2 emissions with a reduction of 66% based on its basic unit, compared with fiscal 1991, and with a reduction of 19% on a global basis compared with fiscal 2011. DENSO’s ECO VISION 2025 outlines three targets (Target 3) to be achieved by 2025 and also outlines 10 specific action plans (Action 10) to achieve these targets in the areas of products, factories, employees, and management.

Energy 1/2

Contribute to permanent maintenance of global environment by the technologies that can solve the problems of global warming, energy and resources. 
DENSO will attempt to halve automotive CO2 emissions by developing new technologies and products to improve fuel efficiency and use various fuels in vehicles.
Moreover, at its factories, DENSO will implement Energy Just-in-Time (JIT) activities and logistic control to respond to fluctuations in production, thereby cutting its energy consumption and reducing CO2 emissions by half.

Clean x 2

Comply with laws and promote continuous improvement in order to provide reassurance to all stakeholders and remain a corporation that grows with the society.

To gain the confidence of all stakeholders, DENSO will continuously strive to improve ways to halve the impacts of environmentally hazardous substances that it uses and its industrial emissions and waste. DENSO will also contribute to improving air quality in the regions where it operates by developing technology to reduce vehicle exhaust emissions, as well as decrease waste and water usage at its factories and throughout its logistics chain. Moreover, DENSO will provide its employees with a wider range of environmental learning programs to encourage them to become more aware of the global environment and take action to help create a sustainable society.

Green x 2

Realize a society with sharing nature’s wisdom and benefit in order to take over rich natural environment to the next generation through cooperate activity aiming at symbiosis with nature.

To pass on a rich natural environment to future generations, DENSO will promote green environmental businesses, such as biofuel research and agricultural support, and enhance factory greening to conduct business in harmony with nature. In each of its operating regions and companies, DENSO will implement social action programs and hold events under the theme of the environment to encourage its employees to raise their environmental awareness and engage in environmental activities. Furthermore, DENSO will help build environmentally friendly communities.

Through the activities stated in DENSO ECO VISION 2025, DENSO will create new environmental values, preserve the planet, and prepare a bright future for future generations.

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