Chow Praised Jalan Kedah Flat Committee Prepared Specified Bins For Waste Segregation At Source



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 17 – Exco for Local Government, Traffic Management & Flood Mitigation Chow Kon Yeow Thursday praised the management committee chairman Tay Chye Hock and his team for setting up the specified recycle bins at the ground level since two weeks ago for the residents to dispose and segregate their household waste. 

“For waste segregation at source, there are three main points which the management committee need to identify. There are namely: to create awareness, getting ready the location to place the specified containers and sending away the recycle waste,” Chow told the reporters here Thursday, in conjunction with the repair of two faulty lifts at the flat.

The Penang State Government implemented the waste segregation at source policy effective June 1. Therefore, start from June 1, all types of household wastes are required to be separated in an effort to promote a healthier and cleaner environment in the state.

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