Malaysian Syndicate Rakes In RM500,000 In A Fortnight Before Being Busted By Thai Police



BANGKOK, Jun 19 – A call centre scam syndicate operated by Malaysian citizens from a rented house in Chiangmai, which was busted by the Thai police last week, was found to have been active for only two weeks. According to a source, the syndicate comprised 14 Malaysians, four of whom were women including a teenage girl, and a Vietnamese woman, and together they had raked in a total of RM500,000 in profit over the fortnight.

“The Thai police have sought the cooperation from the Royal Malaysian Police to carry out further investigation into the syndicate and the background of its members, including the leader who is known as Chin. The Thai police had also shared with their Malaysian counterparts all information about the Malaysian suspects, including their identity card numbers, passport numbers and addresses for further investigation,” he told the reporters here today.

Malaysian citizens were the main targets of the syndicate, he said. The source said Chin, who was also arrested during the raid on the house last week, also faced additional charges related to the Methaphetamine pills found in his bedroom. He said the call centre scam activities were discovered following a tip-off from members of the public who were curious and worried about the presence of foreigners at a rented house in San Sai district in Chiangmai.

He said the public who were curious and worried about the presence of Malaysian citizens at the rented house alerted the police. During the raid and inspection on the house, the Thai police also found various equipment and tools, including telephone sets and internet router used by the syndicate in the scam activities, besides the list of names of their victims. Meanwhile, a Thai police investigation officer told Bernama that they had identified another 17-year-old girl among the syndicate members. However, he refused any further comment. — Bernama

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