Rayani Air No Longer Has Any Avenue To Appeal Revocation Of Licence



PETALING JAYA, Jun 21 – Rayani Air no longer has any avenue to appeal against the revocation of its Air Services Licence (ASL) by the Malaysian Aviation Commission (Mavcom). An official said under the Malaysian Aviation Commission Act, once an airline has its ASL revoked, that’s the end of the whole process and that is the end of the road for the airline.

He pointed out that Rayani Air was given a show-ause letter and had 14 days to reply – its final means of making an appeal. He added that they only lodged an appeal in the last few days of the appeal period. He said at that point the show-cause letter was the final stage for Rayani Air to make an appeal to save its ASL in order for it to continue operating.

“The decision to revoke the licence was not made easily. After Mavcom had studied the proposal put forward by Rayani Air, it was found to be unable to continue. If Rayani Air is allowed to lodge an appeal again, it would be tantamount to admitting that Mavcom made a mistake. Furthermore the Act is very clear, there is no appeal process once the revocation decision is reached,” he said.

He added that Rayani Air had no real assets as well, the airline did not own any building, hangars or even aircraft. Rayani Air operated two Boeing 737-400 planes, each able to carry about 180 passengers. The official said all the aircraft operated by the airline had been repossessed by the lessor.

The Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) had decided to revoke Rayani Air’s Air Operator Certificate (AOC) after an inquiry that was held on May 12. DCA had carried out an investigation into the administration and safety audit of the airline’s state of operations.

Rayani Air had said it would be appealing to both Mavcom and the DCA to give the airline a second chance to get new investors to revive its operations. The airline’s owner, Ravi Alegandrran, said the revocation came as it was in the midst of negotiations with investors to acquire equity in the airline. Rayani Air began operations in December last year.

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