Ahmad Zahid Urges Corporate Bodies To Carry Out CSR



BAGAN DATOH, Jun 22 – All corporate bodies have been urged to carry out their corporate social responsibility (CSR) to help the less fortunate.Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said the riches owned should be shared and it should be shared with sincerity.

“This is not about the amount, what’s important is sincerity. We have functions like this to tell the people here this is not merely corporate responsibility but is also syariah responsibility,” he said in his speech at the handing over of Ramadan contribution in the Rungkup state constituency here today.

According to Ahmad Zahid, who is also Bagan Datoh Member of Parliament, the property one possessed one did not own entirely as a small portion belonged to the poor, tithe recipients and singler mothers. In fact, he said the legitimate revenue which was given to the handicapped, household heads, tithe recipients and single mothers would surely be blessed by Allah.

Meanwhile, he also said they he hope the property owned will be fully made use of. He said it is akin to sowing a wheat seed, and from the seed will grow a wheat crop, there are 10 stalks in a wheat plant and each stalk has 70 seeds. He told that such is the renumeration conferred by Allah.

A total 1,051 recipients from two state constituencies, Hutan Melintang (579 recipients) and Rungkup (472 recipients) received Ramadan aid from the Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin Foundation and Malaysian Muslim Restaurant Owners Association (Presma) in the form of cash and daily essential items.

At both the events, the Tan Sri SM Nasimuddin Foundation was represented by its executive director SM Faisal Nasimuddin who gave a contribution of RM200,000 while Presma represented by president Norul Hassan Saul Hameed gave RM100,000 to recipients from the Bagan Datoh parliamentary seat. — Bernama

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