Police Detain A ‘Datuk’ For Allegedly Accepting RM25,000



PETALING JAYA, Jun 23 – A “Datuk” who is well known for exposing criminal wrongdoings was detained by the police late last night for allegedly accepting RM25,000 from a man, believed to be an illegal gambling den operator. The Datuk was arrested about 10.50pm at the Nilai toll plaza where police also recovered the RM25,000.

The Datuk was taken to the Mantin police station where police searched the MPV he was in and found another RM16,080. The Datuk’s driver, whose work permit had expired was also detained. According to the police report, the complainant had alleged that about 2.30pm on Jun 20, he was at the Sungai Besi toll plaza where he received a phone call from the Datuk threatening him that he would expose certain wrongdoings in his Facebook if he (complainant) did not give him protection money.

The complainant said he feared for his life and felt stressed and lodged a report. In his second report, the complainant alleged that on June 22, at 10.45pm, he met the Datuk at the Nilai toll plaza and handed over the money by placing it on the back left passenger seat of the MPV.

At that time, police moved in and detained the Datuk. In additional, the police team from Bukit Aman was also headed by DSP Syed Azam from the D7 unit (Gambling, Vice & Secret Societies). The Datuk is expected to be remanded in Seremban this morning.

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