David Cameron ‘Considering Resignation’ After Shock Brexit Win



LONDON, Jun 24 – The UK has voted to leave the EU after huge turnouts in Labour heartlands in Wales and the north of England voted to exit the EU. An official verdict of about 52% in favour of Brexit is expected shortly. Now Andy Coulson – David Cameron’s former Number 10 spokesman – says he suspects the Prime Minister is considering the possibility of stepping down.

He said: “There are a large number of people urging him to stay, that what we need now actually is leadership. There is no time for a novice, you need someone with experience, you need someone who understands the processes. But I suspect that David Cameron is now pondering the possibility of stepping down.

Mr Coulson also said that if he was in Downing Street with him, he would be advising Mr Cameron to stay and “align himself with what I think actually is the national interest”. Nigel Farage said, if the UK was to leave the EU, Mr Cameron should quit “immediately”.

More than 80 Brexit Mps signed Mr Cameron a letter urging him to remain as Prime Minister last night, regardless of how the EU Referendum would go. These politicians included Boris Johnson, who led the Brexit campaign. But Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said Mr Cameron has made clear he “remains the Prime Minister and will carry out the instructions of the British people”.

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