Three Highways, Undersea Tunnel Debate Set For Tuesday Night



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 26 –  A public debate on the state government’s proposed undersea tunnel to the mainland has been set for 9pm on Tuesday (June 28) at the Masyarakat Penyayang Complex here. Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Wong Hon Wai has been entrusted to coordinate the debate between the assemblymember for Bagan Jermal Lim Hock Seng and Gerakan MP for Simpang Renggam Liang Teck Meng.

The debate, Three Expressways and Undersea Tunnel, would be conducted in the national language, Wong said. He said the format of the debate will be the opening remarks by both sides, question and answer session and the winding up remarks. Although Liang had disagreed with a suggestion to have a question and answer session to be opened to the public, but Wong said he hope that Liang would reconsider on it.

He said Lee Khai, who is a legal practitioner for over 20 years, would be the moderator for the debate which was expected to take two hours. He said Liang had been requested to arrange for the debate to be broadcast live on television. He said he don’t know yet whether a live television broadcast of the debate is possible or not. He advised members of the public to come early if they wished to follow the debate as the hall could only accommodate 500 people.

A large screen would be put up outside the debate venue to enable others to follow the debate. Lim who was asked by members of the media if he is ready for the debate. Lim said this debate will attract public interest. In the meanwhile, he also added that he will be trying to answer all the questions on the works to be carried out for the projects and he is ready to debate.

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