Penang Gerakan Pointed Out Ridiculous Housing Condition



GEORGE TOWN, Jun 29 – Penang Gerakan pointed out against the discriminatory guidelines for property ownership in relation to the brochure of a new development project called Mutiara Jesselton, Parcel 2, of Jesselton Villas, near Jesselton Heights, Penang.

Penang Gerakan key spokesperson Ooi Zhi Yi said in the brochure, there is a criterion stating that the house applicant must be a Bachelor’s degree holder or with a diploma, and with a minimum two (2) years of working experience. He said they would like to stress that the criteria that include minimum academic qualification as stated in the brochure to buy a property is seriously illogical, absurd and undemocratic.

He said this at a press conference held at the Penang Gerakan headquarters in Jalan Macalister today. He stressed that a person’s academic qualification does not necessarily represent his or her actual amount of income and financial ability. He said it is fair to say that a person with a higher academic qualification does not necessarily have a high income and similarly a person with low academic qualification does not necessarily have a low income.

“According to the criteria stated in the Mutiara Jesselton’s brochure, do the state government and the developer mean that a person with lower academic qualifications cannot buy a property there or even think of wanting to enquire about the property? Do they mean that a person without a diploma or degree is not eligible to buy any property there?” Ooi asked.

“This sort of imposing conditions or rules on minimum academic qualification as criteria to buy a property is a discriminatory policy. It is also outrageous for a political party that has campaigned for equality and justice to subscribe to such a discriminatory policy,” he said

“This is the first time that we have heard of such criteria to be set as a guideline to own a property. Is the state government trying to propose a new guideline that includes minimum academic qualifications for property ownership? The criteria to buy a property should be based on an individual or the householder’s income” he said.

“A person’s academic achievement is only a benchmark to determine a person’s profession and it does not necessarily imply he or she will have a higher salary than someone who has a lower academic qualification. We have seen many examples of people with lower academic qualifications earning a higher salary than those with a higher academic qualification,” he added.

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