Malaysia Airlines Focuses On Four Areas To Regain Pride, Says New CEO



KUALA LUMPUR, Jul 2 – Malaysia Airlines will remain focused on its turnaround plan, says its newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer Peter Bellew. Vowed to regain the national carrier’s rightful place as the nation’s pride, Bellew said the emphasis would be given to four areas – “fly smart”, “funding”, “fix it” and “family”.

Under “fly smart”, Bellew outlined several steps including flying customers safely with great value fares and superior service on clean modern aircraft, as well as, starting new routes from various Malaysian airports to new unserved ASEAN destinations. He in a statement on Friday said they will stop doing things that lose money. He said they will rebuild our relations with the travel trade, globally, and lead marketing initiative that promote the wonders of Malaysia.

Bellew, who is also Chief Executive Officer of Malaysia Aviation Group, said it would set up a new website, mobile app, trade reservations system and airport equipment over the next 12 months. He said the digital experience when booking with Malaysia Airlines will see significant investment in 2016 and 2017 to ensure guests’ needs are met.

On “funding”, Bellew said the airline would remain cautious on its spending. He said saving money does not mean compromising on safety or on our products and services. He said it simply means they need to increase productivity and efficiency, invest in modern technology, enter into mutually beneficial partnerships besides identifying and mitigating risks early. Bellow also stressed that airport costs would be an immediate focus.

“We are planning to operate some leisure flights from klia2 in 2017 where costs are RM33 per passenger lower or RM5,412 per flight lower. On one daily flight this simple saving will be RM1,975,380 per annum. We will pass on these savings to customers with lower fares. Each and every cost of everything we do will be minutely checked daily without changing any quality,” he said.

“On “fix it”, Malaysia Airlines would raise the bar to ensure that commitment towards meeting customers’ expectations is met by all staff across the group. They expect us to be on time, serve great food, have generous baggage allowances and safely operate clean modern aircraft. And that’s just exactly what we will do. We need to move quicker and more aggressively to keep the momentum for a strong and sustainable future,” he said.

On “family”, Bellew promised to ensure the company would train a large group of Malaysians in the next three years, who are capable of leading the airline through 2030. Currently there are 14,000 aviation professionals working for Malaysia Airlines, he said. Bellew vowed that he is excited to get to work. He said they will fix it. Malaysia Boleh! — Bernama

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