Suspected MH370 Debris To Be Analysed In Tanzania



ZANZIBAR, Jul 2 – Aircraft debris found off the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar was handed over to the authorities on Friday for analysis to determine if it is from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. Fishermen who found the suspected wing fragment last month refused to hand it over until they were given two million Tanzanian shillings (RM3,612) as a reward from aviation officials.

Valley Chamulungu of the Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority said the debris will be ferried … to Dar es Salaam on Monday as they wait for experts from Malaysia to investigate whether it is part of the lost airline. Flight MH370 disappeared in March 2013 between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing with 239 passengers onboard. The plane has not yet been located but confirmed or suspected debris has been found across the Indian Ocean, including in Reunion, Madagascar, Mozambique and South Africa. — AFP

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